Matting & Flooring


  • Helps to remove dust and dirt from the air
  • Runner mats to save wear and tear on areas of high traffic
  • Logo mats available for a corporate image
  • Stops dirt damaging surfaces
  • Anti slip backing
  • Absorbs water to prevent slipping hazards
  • Available in a choice of colours

Here’s a video explaining what our mats are made from…


640,000 tons of waste in the oceans are fishing nets (source UNEP),fishing nets drift for years ensnaring whales, turtles and marine mammals. Now these nets can be recycled helping to reduce this waste stream.
The recycling plant recycles 28 tons of waste a day and a new product is created from it.

Nylon 6 is the recycled product produced and used in our mats.

Our mats help to reduce up to 80% of dirt entering your building.